"I like to call it "pop-punk for grown-ups": powerful, melody-driven music with mature lyrics and a nice mellow vibe. This release was produced by FILMAGE director Deedle LaCour, and it sounds amazing. Breaklights have always sounded to me like a punk band from the '90s that would have been on a major or bigger indie label. They fully embrace big hooks and a polished sound, but that punk edge is still there. "Second To None" pairs Charlie's warm vocals and heartfelt lyrics with punchy guitars and a soaring energy. Although this song does not even reach the three-and-a-half minute mark, it has a grand, anthemic feel to it. The band does something a little unconventional with the arrangement of the song towards the end. I won't spoil the surprise other than to say that I enjoyed this little twist." -FASTER AND LOUDER



"If Breaklights had come into my life in the middle aughts, they would probably have gone down as one of the best bands of my childhood. Their music lands on the poppier side of pop-punk; leaning more on polish and high-flying hooks than any kind of manufactured grizzle, but it’s paid off in spades as evident on their new record, Don’t Try So Hard. The album is packed with hooks that will leave you singing, sweating, and ringing in the new year feeling like you’re ready to take on the world." -SUBSTREAM MAGAZINE 

"For me, the best thing about a good rocker is the hook, and these guys have that for days; I put them right alongside our favorites Basketball Shorts as best pop-punkers in town." -AUSTIN TOWN HALL 

"Perhaps Breaklights’ greatest achievement is in so deftly riding the line between saccharine pop and raucous punk." -OVRLD 

"Don't Try So Hard is one of those great releases in the genre that will please fans of the poppier side of pop punk just as much as fans who prefer their punk to have a bit of an edge." -COLIN'S PUNK ROCK WORLD 

“If I didn’t know any better, or had the power of the Internet, I would never have been able to guess that Breaklights was not an obscure lost band of early 2000’s pop-punk that went highly underrated.” -ALL PUNKED UP 

"My favorites of the EP have to be “Waterloo” and “Don’t Try So Hard.” Both are a little more out of the ordinary than the others. The former has some really beautiful harmonization, while the latter has a bit of an angular sound and the chorus a bit of a Smoking Popes sound. This one is very enjoyable." - JERSEY BEAT 

"Pop-punk perfection? Yup." -MIXTAPES AND PROGRESS



"The main songwriting inspiration here is '90s punk rock. I'm reminded so much of what they used to call "post-hardcore" or "melodicore" or "emocore" back in the day. But in 2016, I think it's better just to say that Breaklights play pop-punk for adults. The songs are melody-driven for sure, but there's a real sophistication to the way that they're written. And this isn't a band that feels compelled to play at light speed. Of course you're getting a polished sound with Egerton producing - and those dense, crunching guitars really suit this band. With his warm and engaging vocal presence, Charlie is the rare singer that can exude sincerity without coming across as a total sap. As soon as the vocals came in, it was like I was hanging out with an old friend. These four songs have a nice mellowed-out vibe to them - along with strong hooks and plenty of guitar wallop." -FASTER AND LOUDER 

"If you liked Lucy Loves Schroeder but not Good Charlotte, take that as a good sign for liking the songs from Breaklight’s EP" -GHOST OF BLIND LEMON 

"Fast, slick, and poppy without being dull, Breaklights’ Instructed to Fail is a fun collection of songs that manages to emulate 90’s post-hardcore without resorting to parody or feeling like a murky reflection. There’s a sincerity in Breaklights’ delivery that transcends nostalgia. This is the music they want to play, the way they want to play it and the EP succeeds in large part because of that. If you missed the heyday of post-hardcore, consider Breaklights a gateway to a larger world, the same way that the post-hardcore and emo bands of the late 90’s were for me. If you’re an old fart then Breaklights may remind you of the past, while showing that the future still has a lot of promise as well." -OVRLD 

"My favorite of the quartet of tracks has to be “Drag Me Down,” the most up-tempo on the disc. It sounds like a song that could come right out of the Descendents’ catalog." -JERSEY BEAT 

"Thematically, Instructed to Fail covers very familiar territory--love songs from a group of angst-ridden and maladjusted dudes who can't seem to catch a break (love songs are the bread and butter of just about every great pop band). True that this sort of theme has been done ad nauseam, but who the hell cares? The songs are wonderfully catchy mid-tempo power-pop tunes that I replayed over-and-over. And first two tracks are real gems--I found myself humming the melody throughout the day." -SOUNDS RAD 

"Four-song release from this band from Austin. Stephen Egerton produced it, so you know it sounds excellent. The songs are power pop and well constructed. “Mainstay” stands out to me the most after repeated listens. I will be keeping an eye for a full length from this outfit. Get this to wet your whistle for now." -RAZORCAKE 

"Austin has a new pop punk band to obsess over and they are Breaklights" -AUSTINDOTCOM


ZERO (SINGLE) - 2016

 "Remember when punk rock of the 90s had great production and huge hooks? Well, then you should grab onto Austin's Breaklights, clearly operating with classic pop-punk sound. They work in some great little stuttering moments, and a brief respite via breakdown near the end before jumping you towards the track's end." -AUSTIN TOWN HALL